The Raven Queen

“The deity known as the Raven Queen’s origin is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps this is apt, considering her sphere is that greatest of mysterious, Death and that which follows. Although her influence over death is the most well know, the goddess’s power also extends to the time of Winter, marking her as one of the four Seasonal Gods.

It is known that whoever she was in life, the true name of the Raven Queen has long been lost to history.

In fables the Raven Queen is known to have gotten her power over death from Nerull, the Lich of secret and forbidden knowledge. After felling the lord of arcane lore with the assistance of Pelor and Corellon Larethian (and in some tellings the goddess Sehanine), the Raven Queen took hold of her mortal mantle. But this was not the end of her troubles.

The Cult of Orcus, god of undeath and said to be one of the more powerful lords of the underworld, desired the Raven Queen’s power over death. As such, the two are locked in eternal contest over the right to those souls that pass from our world." -Anton LeVane, The Heart of Undeath

“While much of the Raven Queen’s history is shrouded in darkness, it is known that she was once human. Although her family name may be lost to time, the myths suggest the goddess of death protects their bloodline, and that her descendents walk among us.
No one knowns when the Raven Queen transcended mortality to take up the mantle of death from the god Nerull. Some say it was after she had become a powerful planar mage of her own right, and had fought side-by side with the gods themselves. Other stories suggest it was when the Raven Queen herself faced natural death, as an old woman who sought to master the force which reaps mortal souls. Perhaps the oldest stories tell of the Raven Queen as a young girl, stricken by a wasting disease…” -Diador Guildstern, The Invention of Gods

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The Raven Queen

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