Republic of Eldon

Offically founded fifteen years after the fall of the Empire of Arkhosia.

Human/eladrin country founded as a Democracy with a dual figure Monarchy. As such there are two capitals of Eldon. The first, Aethon is the home to the human royals responsible for founding the nation of Eldon. The other, found along the north-eastern border of Eldon, is Ra’Seldar.
Eldon is commonly considered the country responsible for brokering peace between the dragonborn and dwarven people as well as dismantling the power vacuum of the Turathian Empire and reintegrating tieflings into common society.

While the nation of Eldon was founded by human and eladrin militia, they are populated evenly by members of all species. Their borders are among the few whose rulers do not officially limit or ostracize teiflings. The senate of Eldon is made up of 13 members who are responsible for the 11 districts of Eldon (the last two members of the senate represent the monarchy, currently this position is held by the two daughters of the Monarchy). Senate members only serve four years, with the only exception being the monarch positions. The Monarch Senators cannot actually vote.

The national banner is a blue field separated by a thick white strip. On the blue field to the right of the white strip is a silver star, to the left is a symbol of a golden sun, and in the middle upon the white strip are three blue stars. Patron nation gods are Corellon and Pelor, but all may worship freely as long as they do so peacefully


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Republic of Eldon

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