Kingdom of Mithras

“Though the Kingdom still clings to its ancestors reliance on regency, the country as a whole is run by the Senate of nine. Officially, there are only eight Senators within Mithras, each hailing from one of the eight districts of the country. The King makes the ninth member of the Senate, breaking all tie votes.

In the past, the King of Mithras was nominated by the Senate from those eligible within the royal families. After nomination, the Senate officials would travel to the Hall of Kings to trace the nominee’s bloodline before taking a vote. Until recently, the coronation of the King was always held upon the steps of the Hall of Kings, in the belief that the dwarven ancestry would guide their nation’s leader.”


Guild Houses

Senate Members

  • Vess Hanseath
  • Lya Nashbrow
  • Hamil Roknar
  • Dolsarth Thautam
  • Olgar Valkauna
  • Chancellor Auron
  • Moria Mornstern
  • Lady Nothria Ambershard

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Kingdom of Mithras

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