Entry 8

So, yeah, um…I can’t emphasize this enough. A. Lot. Has. Happened.

- We fought some more mind flayers. No Problem. Naturally.

- Went up to see the king. He had some averbation…asperation…some weird thing growing out of his back. Squished it.

- Zori did her thing and posed as the king. Fixed up Garl with the gig. Now he’s king.

- Broke Ambershard’s pelvic bone and tortured her severely. By the bye anticipation does make it sweeter.

- Finally had everything going our way. Then the the stupid bird skull broke.

- Got lost in a mirrow. Cause why wouldn’t we?

- Got out and now we are going to go fight a lich and an undead black guard version of one of the most powerful paladins to ever walk this plane.

Ready and willing to run away,

Entry 8

Fragments of Vessels Treed