Cult of the White

“Know ye the signs.
The Bloodless Eye shall open.

The worlds are set asunder.
The White shall mend them,
After the Eastern Isle is cloaked in mist,
After the dragon breaks its teeth upon the mountain,
After the schism of the land,
After the Red Maiden falls,
After the heroes are buried and forgotten,
Our Great Work shall begin.

Know ye the signs.

Our Great Work has no end.
We are as all.

Know ye, we shall reveal the signs,
as the King’s hall stands forgotten.
When the Great Memorial is desecrated.
When the Haven is abandoned.
When the stronghold of Erathis is corrupted,
As the severed hand crawls.
When the Red Maiden’s temple burns.
When the Horned One rises.
When the heart-handed priests bleed,
as the stars themselves fall.
When time stands still.
When the children will not wake.
When brother and sister are brought
together as animals.
We shall reveal the signs.
The Bloodless Eye shall open.

We foresee a time,
When the last of those Hidden From History are revealed.
When Sehanine is wrapped in chains.
When the Bloodless eye shall open.

When the Lord of Skulls walks among you.
To reclaim the winter mantle.
The crypts shall be barren as the womb.
The sky shall be a pall upon the flesh.
The earth shall be as cold as the dead.

The Horned One is his herald.

The Horned One shall come to the eastern nation.
He shall taste of his masters touch and return.
He shall beguile the nation with his lord.
He shall give the nation the world.

The lovers are his prophet.
And the Red Maiden is made perfect.
While the Son of Erathis weeps for her.
And she shall go forth to conquer nations.
While the Son of Erathis battles her.
And the Red Maiden is sent to slumber.
While the Son of Erathis sunders her.
And nailed to the earth, she moves.
While the Son of Erathis denies her.
And together the Red Maiden rises.
While the Son of Erathis serves her.

…When the Writhing Legion whisper in secret tongues.
When the stars pulse with avarice.
Those who are bless’d walk among you.
And you shall know them not.
One will make war between forest and shadow.
One shall rise up, to claim kingship without kin.
Two are sister-queens of parliament.
One leads the spiders from their den.

Their distant servants prepare the bridge.
As it’s children are vigilant.
Their unclean servants toil the harvest.
As it’s children are many.
Their loyal servants walk in the cities unseen.
As it’s children are clever.
Together they shall open the gate.
Waiting for a time to look upon the day-world.

The Great Serpent…. is……
The Blackened Hand unfurls the Great Serpent
It’s skin is chalk, it’s eyes as amber.

Those Without Time confound us.
Us, whose mind recalls the Unity.
Us, whose hands reclaim the Broken.
Us, whose eyes reflect the Empty.
Us, whose tongues rejoice the White.
Us, whose will recasts the Mending.
The Hidden and Traveling ones shall be known.
Thus, the Great Work shall end.

The Great Work is the Mending.
All shall be One.
When the Soil of Earth is no more.
When the Heat of Flame is no more.
When the Flow of Water is no more.
When the Breath of Air is no more.
When the Waste of Shade is no more.
When the Forest of Fey is no more.
When the Seven Lights are no more.
When the Nine Depths are no more.
The White shall cleanse them.
The White shall mend them.
Her Form is Perfection.

Her form is a scythe of nations.
Her form is a walker of worlds.
Immutable as the spheres.
She will open Her thousand mouths.
And devour the very sky.
In Her the Great Work begins.

Our Great Work has no end.
We are as all.
The markings shall be drawn in devotion.
The girl shall be tied in supplication.
The forest shall be burned in abjuration.
The oceans and rivers drained in preparation.
The lights shall be quenched in jubilation.
The Eye shall be open in exaltation.
We shall become as all is One.
This is the Great Work.

All was one

We are as the sea
We are as the wind
We are as the sky
We are as the earth,

Those Who Are Hidden rejoice
At the division of the sky
At the crumbling mountains
At the barren earth
At the frozen sea

When the day stands beyond
The sun retreads its path,
Know ye those
Who Are Hidden From Time
They deceive and conqueror.
Be wary of the forgetful,

And they shall worship as one,

And with a thousand mouths
Swallow them all."

-The Bloodless Prophecy

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