Bael Turath

The Turathian Empire was once the home of renowned mages and sorcerers. At the height of its dominance the Empire of Bael Turath were said to have armies of floating warships, towers that reached past the heavens, and portals into planes populated by the fantastic and strange. It is said that in this mythic utopian time all nations prospered from Bael Turath’s magical prowess. Sadly, this was not to last forever. At the height of the little nations power the magocracy wanted more. The rulers choose to sell themselves, and their citizenry, for a chance at power. The magocracy forged a ritual binding to a demon, selling their souls in the bargain and tainting their citizenry. In doing so, the magocracy was granted the power to oppose all that stood against them, but twisted each and every citizen under it’s influence into a demonic visage, creating the tiefling race.

Historians believe Bael Turath fell to demonic influence sometime around four thousand years ago. After gaining power Bael Turath turned their eye against their neighbors, easily crushing the unprepared, and ushering in a great era of war. Of all the old nations that once stood, only the eastern country of Arkhosia survived. Some say it was because the dragonborn were great warriors, others believe they simply had time to prepare as their neighbor countries fell under the influence of the relentless Turathians. Regardless, this began the state of national affairs upon the continent, until the rebellion against the dragonborn beginning the Second Era.

At the end of the Bael Turath empire the magocracy is thought to have attempted the summons of some powerful demonic force. Whatever magic they attempted to summon they could not bridle, and the necrotic energy killed all within the capital city walls, and created Nephos and the wasted fog-lands.

Perhaps no event has more dominated the history of Aletheia then the rise and fall of Bael Turath. As such its inheritors (weather for good or ill), the tiefling race, are very controversial in Aletheia.

Bael Turath

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